Stoop Recommends: Jackie Basmajian

Stoop Recommends: Jackie Basmajian

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“Domino Park is the perfect blend of old and new.”

-Jackie Basmajian, Interior Design

Built on the site of the former Domino Sugar Refinery, the 5-acre park along the East River is a tribute to the diversity and resiliency of generations of Domino workers, their families and their neighborhood. In June 2018, Domino Park proudly welcomed the community to this historic site and opened this stretch of waterfront to the public for the first time in more than 160 years.


“The impressive Manhattan skyline can be seen from the suspended catwalk that extends over five blocks.”

- Basmajian

The suspended catwalk is cantilevered off of 21 columns preserved from the Domino factory’s original Raw Sugar Warehouse. The walkway boasts beautiful views of the river, the skyline and the park itself. ADA access to the walkway is provided by ramp near the Gantry Cranes. 


“The history of the land itself fascinates me…”

“The Domino Sugar Refinery once produced more sugar than anywhere else in the world. Here at Domino Park, cranes, tanks, and columns that were original to the Refinery are still on site and have been painted or refurbished to match the park’s signature aesthetic.”


Domino Park Playground is where kids can interact with history. Designed by Brooklyn-based artist Mark Reigelman, the playground is a fun journey through 150 years of sugar production that happened on site.

Featuring wood reclaimed from the original refinery walls, aluminum molds made from salvaged valve wheels, and graphics based on genuine Domino factory signage, the playground is an exciting and safe spot for both kids and adults to enjoy the historic spirit of the refinery.


“This place is perfect solo or with good company.”

“There is green space for any and all to sit, walk, and play on, public seating and even a Taco Shack on site.” -Basmajian

Tacocina serves Mexican inspired food in a fun and inviting setting within Domino Park, serving up tacos, snacks, Mexican beer and cocktails perfect for a warm summer day. Tacocina takes pride in their tortillas, using a heritage breed of corn from coastal Oaxaca in southern Mexico and hand pressing them to-order. Is your mouth watering, too? Check out the rest of their menu here. The taco stand is open year-round, open on Sunday-Thursday from 11am-10pm and Friday and Saturday from 11am-11pm. 


“Personally, I think the best time to go is in the evening.”

“The Park is beautifully lit and the reflection of the lights from the Artifact Walk, as well as the Williamsburg Bridge, onto the water is seemingly breathtaking.” -Basmajian

If you’re in the mood for beautiful views, a fun walk through history and a great snack to top it all off, Domino Park is waiting for you to visit.

There literally isn’t a bad time to go, Domino Park is open from sunrise to sunset - Monday-Sunday from 6am-1am.

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