Tips & Tricks for Your Next Roommate Search

Tips & Tricks for Your Next Roommate Search

If you’re interested in my crazy roommate experiences, you’re going to be disappointed to learn that I’ve had a single dorm all throughout college. Some tell me I am extraordinarily lucky that I never had to deal with the potential of having a terrible roommate. If anything, it’s taught me to be more social, to throw myself into social situations I would otherwise be intimidated by, if I had a roommate to do everything with. 


Finding a compatible person to share a living space with has turned into one of our generation’s toughest struggles.

Earlier this summer, I found myself at what seemed like a deadend. After spending countless hours searching and posting in Facebook groups looking for a sublet in New York City, I finally found an accommodation out of random luck. Don’t get me wrong, my living situation has been fantastic, but looking back at it, I should’ve been more proactive. As much of a hit or miss Craigslist can be, reading this article about finding a room and/or roommate, would have been a helpful tool during my search. 

While Facebook and Craigslist make it easy to connect with people that are advertising available spaces, ranging to fully furnished bedrooms to completely vacant apartments, it was difficult to really get a sense for who I would be sharing the space with. It is also no secret that online profiles only tell so much about a person. Above all, what made these sites somewhat risky was the major risk of putting yourself in a situation to get scammed online. Take it from me, it can be hard to tell when you’re unknowingly putting yourself in a money-wiring scam with a random bank in the middle of the country.

Seriously, that almost happened.


There are plenty of websites that serve the purpose of connecting those looking to buy, sell and rent. A quick search exposed me to services that offer unique scam prevention systems and have dedicated teams to keep users safe and stress free.

Spareroom, for example, offers free SpeedRoommating events in Brooklyn and Manhattan, that connect you with potential roommates in just a couple of hours. These events provide you with the best chance of finding the right roommates, without the hassle of trying to get to know somebody online. While one of the perks of living with other people is getting to know them, it’s crucial to know that you will be compatible as roommates. Meeting potential roommates in person not only saves time, but the awkwardness of online communication, too.

If that’s not your speed, that’s okay! There are a ton of other platforms that instantly connect you with potential roommates, who share your corresponding preferences, similar to dating apps. Once you create a bio for yourself explaining your ideal roommates, you can start liking, talking and meeting with potential roommates alike.


If you prefer living within the LGBTQ community, Rainbow Roommates is New York’s top rated and longest serving LGBTQ roommate finder. 

To avoid the headache of living with a stranger, using your existing network to find a roommate is always an easy and effective solution. However, I have found that living with a roommate that I did not know prior to this summer has made it easier to become acquainted with my new neighborhood and has given me someone to interact with after a long day of work. 

I have also found that attending neighborhood events (local markets, events on the weekend) with your new roommate(s) or even by yourself can be a great resource for getting a sense of your new surroundings. 

To skip these unpredictable living accommodations in New York City, choose your next home with Stoop. Not only does their team do the endless search for you, but they validate members that are similar in age and interests alike. Stoop residences are fully furnished, with bi-weekly cleaning at an all-inclusive rate. Even better? Once you are a Stoop member, you are welcomed into their growing community, which offers exclusive events! Stoop is truly the easier, faster and flexible way to city living. 

by Michael Ellick

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