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Event Recap: Stoop onto Wellness

Event Recap: Stoop onto Wellness

At Stoop, we are all about community. Our team loves to bring people together and expose them to positive brands and experiences. Our recent Stoop onto Wellness event at Co-working Studio in Ridgewood, Queens was no exception. 

Attendees wet their pallets with ginger apple-cider, whiskey punch, and organic soda. There was an array of wellness-based products to sample including Maude candles with skin-softening jojoba and soybean oils, Atem milk facial masks, and toiletries from Public Goods that came in bottles made from sugar-cane. As our residents know, many of these eco-friendly, and one of a kind items come stocked in our rental homes.  


Later in the evening, a panel consisting of Susan Yoomin (Atem), Emma Moon (Public Goods) and Christopher (PlantKween) shared their approaches to wellness and how they’ve built careers in the industry. Christopher fielded questions and advised people on how to best care for the plants in their life. The conversation was lively with individuals from the crowd chiming in and sharing their experiences.

For those looking for a quick vibrational tune-up, members lined up for free Reiki and sound healing sessions in one of the building’s many studios. There was a spectrum of activities, a grand raffle and stimuli, truly something for everyone. 

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These events are welcoming places to meet a new friend, collaborator, or simply to expose yourself to fascinating wellness options you may not have seen before.  

For the biggest takeaway, attendees will be receiving their notes to self in the mail, a reminder of Wellness! 

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We thank everyone who came and participated at Stoop onto Wellness. Keep taking care of yourselves and we hope to see you at the next one!

Couldn’t make it? If you’re planning a trip to New York City, find your next home without the stress and unlock even better local perks with Stoop!

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